In this day and age, individuals and businesses use computer or laptops daily for different purposes. Along with a high-speed internet connection, organizations use the computer for business communications, financial transactions, and exchange of a large amount of data.

It is important to know that your computer through which you perform so many tasks is at risk due to virus attacks, malicious programs and other online dangers. So, how can you prevent and protect your PC’s and laptops? Yes, you know that Antivirus software is the key and perhaps the only solution until and unless there are some innovations in the future.

So, if you are looking for the best antivirus software, we have listed below 7 pointers which will help you select the same:-

Performance: All antivirus software’s are not created equal. Each of the well-known brands has antivirus packages which are specifically aimed at certain threats and differs in performance. Therefore, if you are an individual looking to protect your Personal Computer at home, you can choose the basic version of antivirus software.

But, it should be different if you are a business. Always choose antivirus which has high detection rate. There are a million kinds of threats and malware which are released to harm computers. It makes even the best-protected systems vulnerable. It is highly recommended that you choose a paid version which will provide your computer with advanced protection.

Compatibility: While purchasing antivirus software, make sure to check the specifications mentioned in the package. At the same time, know your system specifications as well. Some programs may not be compatible with your system. So, verify the information and then finalize the purchase.

Ease of use: Sometimes, an antivirus software, though it may be good, it doesn’t have an effective user interface. It is difficult to understand how to run checks, gain insights and so on. Buy antivirus software which has easy to understand user interface and usability features.

If you can’t use it easily there’s no use of buying it.

Scan & Speed: As mentioned before, there are all kinds of attacks, phishing attacks, spyware, ransomware and more. It is therefore important to choose packages which include malware scan which has good detection strength.

Many antivirus software slows down your computer. It is certainly a factor you should consider before finalizing. Read reviews or ask IT experts, before you select the best antivirus software.

Privacy Policy: Since antivirus software work on a deeper level for better security, it also has access to your private data. It is therefore important to check the privacy policy and terms and conditions before using the software.

It is observed that many big brands share your personal information without you being aware or warned. This can be dangerous.

Real-time Scan: Many times, the threats are sudden and mitigating measures should be taken immediately. So, look for antivirus software with real-time scan options. Check if it is powerful enough to block malicious attacks when you use the internet.

Also, check if regular updates are available for the software. With a good broadband plan in Mumbai, you can regularly download the latest version always.

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Antivirus Free Trial: Most of the good antivirus software offers a free trial for some time. You should use the opportunity to understand all the facets of the software and use all the features. Though, many features won’t be available yet, it’s a good place to start. And you like, you can always buy the same.

Antivirus software comes automatically with many personal computer or laptop. It is generally available with Microsoft as well. But, do not go with the same software. You must look for all the features mentioned in the blog. Additionally, look for software which can provide security for email and web as well.

If you are a business, look for packages and the number of devices it can be installed. Price also varies for different packages. But it is highly recommended to pay for what you get and use antivirus software according to your personal or professional needs.

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