It all started years back with internet reaching homes through cables and connecting the world with just a few clicks. This innovation kept on evolving over the years and these cables were upgraded year by year leading to an increase in the speeds of the internet. This service was then named as broadband service. Broadband service providers also called high-speed internet providers have taken the market by storm and the internet is become a lifestyle necessity for all. With businesses developing online, high-speed Internet has been the need of the hour.

What exactly is Broadband? If we go by definition, broadband is a heavy transmission technique which enables numerous messages to be communicated at the same time. The standard broadband technology in most regions is the cable Internet and ADSL. With time, technology advances and now we have the DSL and Optic Fiber connections serving high-speed internet to masses at affordable subscriptions. The speeds of broadband differ on the type and level of services offered.

Broadband is a fixed-line solution. Fixed-line solutions communicate through networks that provide a direct-wired connection from customer to service supplier.

Broadband speeds vary according to different locations. Brands advertise internet speeds as their selling point. You can browse through all the packages to know the best internet service provider in your area.

Dongles : Dongles are technologically developed small gadgets that can be connected to your computer. This helps your computer connect to the internet. A dongle is usually of the size of the USB. There are various types of dongles for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but the one described here is the internet dongle.

A dongle is a very little modem having the ability to connect wireless or through mobile broadband. This is similar to the broadband on your smart phone. No cable is required for a dongle to be connected.

With a dongle, one can have access to the internet from anywhere, on a holiday, in a park, on a train. It can also be carried abroad if the dongle plan allows it. In the case of broadband failure, dongle is the best backup resource.

Broadband VS Dongle: In this battle of the wired and wireless, there are many pros and cons for either of the internet sources. Broadband has evolved from all the traditional sources in the past while the Dongle has evolved from the wired broadband connections and developed to be wireless.

When it comes to broadband, you are automatically connected to your broadband while at home with a good amount or unlimited data plan. If your broadband connection is connected to a router, then more than one device can be connected at once. Routers are considered to be very secure which does not allow anyone to join your network directly.

Dongles are smart, discreet and portable and you can browse and maintain your presence online even when away from your home. The dongle may not provide you with limitless data but it is a very convenient option when the broadband at your home has failed.

Thus, routers and dongles are considered to be vital in their ways. Both have their importance mattered.

It is on the user’s habits that will define the importance of either.

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