Most users of broadband internet connection get a good speed for browsing the internet or downloading files. The majority of them frown while streaming or uploading a file on the internet, though. Though it seems unusual, it is a common problem with almost all users of a residential broadband connection n India.

Is there a way to increase the upload speed on a home-based broadband connection? The answer is “yes”. Here are a few things you can do to tweak the upload speed of your broadband connection for enhanced streaming or uploading experience.

Check if your service provides asynchronous service

If you have subscribed to a residential broadband connection, chances are it is an asynchronous service. Regardless of whichever broadband plans in Ahmedabad or any other city in India you have chosen for your private use, you are likely to get this type of connection. This type of connection generally provides a good download speed for streaming or for downloading files. But it puts a cap on the uploading speed.

Internet service providers in India tend to overlook the importance of upload speed for those who subscribe to a broadband connection for personal use. They believe such users do not generally use the internet to upload files. So, consider migrating to a synchronous broadband connection if you wish to get a better upload speed.

Take special precautions to address the problem of slow upload speed with Wi-Fi connection       

You are likely to experience a slower upload speed than with a wired connection. Regardless of the type of broadband plans in Bangalore, Mumbai or any other city to which you have subscribed, this is one of the highlights of residential broadband connection in India. Other reasons like physical barriers such as walls and sources that produce radio noise also contribute to it.

One way of resolving the slow uploading speed problem is to connect your computer to the internet via Ethernet. If you feel the Wi-Fi internet is unavoidable for a certain reason, you can address the problem to a large extent by taking any one of the steps given below:

  • Check if your router supports the updated Wi-Fi standards.
  • Check if the other devices on the network are preventing your router from following its default standard protocols. If this is the case, then consider disconnecting or removing all such devices from your wireless network.
  • Find out if a firmware update is available for your router device. Sometimes updating the firmware of your router to the latest version can help resolve the issue of slow upload speed.

Look for the presence of malware and other potentially harmful software applications

Use trusted antivirus software to scan your computer device regularly for the presence of malware and other potentially harmful applications.

You may get security software bundled with broadband plans in Mumbai or other cities in India. Still, following the aforementioned step into practice will pay you dividends. Ensuring the security of your network aside, it also keeps the performance of your device on track.

Check if any other application is installing an update

Some applications may run in the background or install updates on your computer device for minutes or even hours without your knowledge. Such activities can interfere with the upload speed of your broadband connection.

Look for such applications from the task manager, and deactivate the automatic update feature in the background. You can choose to install the updates manually. That way, you would know when the internet connection is in use to install software updates.

So, these are a few steps you can follow to address the problem of slow uploading speed in your broadband connection. If you do not get desired results even after following these steps, talk to your service provider for a solution.