People in a family whether father, mother or children, have become internet savvy these days. Now the internet connection has become free due to unlimited home wifi plans and people have to pay a few bucks for unlimited internet.

But even then every positive aspect has some negativity as well. So there are lot of wrong things that are going on in the world through internet. Say, today’s parents worry about what their children are seeing on the internet. There are some tips given below which can be considered to keep the family and especially children to have a safe browsing experience.

Wi-Fi Network should be Secured

Now people consider using Wi-Fi connections so that any device can be connected to access internet. If the network is not secured, accessing internet through it is very easy. Even other intruders can also get the connection, which can lead to hamper bandwidth. In order to avoid such problems, the Wi-Fi network should be secured with a strong password. No intruder will be able to access the internet.

One should go through online privacy policy

Users should go through the privacy policy of the new network, which they are going to join. There are many websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. that have their own privacy policies. Users should read the privacy policy and see if any of them ask to access the personal information. The privacy policy also includes the terms related internet security dangers like phishing, identity theft, and many others.

Teach the children about safe social networking.

Parents should consider the age of the children before permitting him to access internet and social network. Another thing that the family should take care of is birthdays, addresses, and full names. These should not be used in the profile. Vacations plans should not be discussed nor should the pictures be shared. Children should be informed about all these things.

Teach the children about playing online games safely.

Since some well known internet service providers provide high speed internet, children play games for a long time. There are many online games available on various websites through which children can get in touch with other friends. In such a case, the internet security can be in dangerous. Parents can let the children play the games but never let them leak their identity. Parents should keep an eye about the games which the children are playing and with whom they are in contact.

Children should blog safely.

Kids are fond of doing some kind blogging on different websites and social networking sites. Blogging helps in improving writing skills and communications but it can also become a thing of compromise for internet security in case personal postings are being done on the sites. Parents should check the sites on which blogging is being done and also check the content of the blog.

Parental controls should be installed.

There are many antivirus software applications that provide the feature of parental control. Parental controls will help the parents to prohibit the access to inappropriate websites. It is not good to spy the children but it is necessary to keep them away from the dangers. Besides locking the sites, parents should also educate the children about safe surfing.

Passwords of the accounts should be strong and safe.

Hackers are able to crack the weak passwords easily and can damage the account and computer of a user. The passwords of each online account should be safe. It should include letters numbers and symbols. A combination of capital and small letters along with numbers and symbols is also safe.

Safe browsing for each family member should be considered.

Everybody in the family likes to browse internet to write blogs, view movies and TV shows, play games, access social media, or for any other thing. One thing that the people should keep in mind that hackers may push the web address of their malicious site in the search result and when people visit those links, it may be harmful for the users. Installing a safe browsing tool like antivirus software will protect the users from accessing such websites.

Software should be downloaded from trusted sources.

There are many websites from where users can download movies, games, music, etc. without paying any charges. Some of these freebies also contain malware and spyware, which can be a cause for stealing sensitive information from the computer.

These are some of the tips which people should keep adopt so that they can browse internet and nobody can steal the information from different accounts and computer. They should opt for some safe and secured broadband services to lead a stress free and happy life with that.