Internet is one of the finest innovations that has been used to its maximum potential in today’s world. We are connected 24X7 with high-speed internet and feel more secure and safe than ever with Wi-Fi enabled home CCTV cameras.

Just imagine you have an urgent business meeting with the client and you have to leave your kids at home. Think of a situation where your old parents are ill and you need to attend something important. The state of the art CCTV cameras is the eye you can use to take care of them from afar.

While there are various advantages to the use of the latest technology, it can create havoc in your life if misused.

As recent reports suggest, hacking is one of the most serious crimes which is on the rise. This is the direct result of password protection being very weak, Wi-Fi cameras lacking basic security features and lack of SSL/TLS encryption which is a must now a days. Lack of awareness & alertness in dealing with such issues is a problem indeed.

Hacking is usually related to national security or at your offices. This is the reason many people don’t give much attention to their broadband service providers for the home.

Beware, this makes you an easy target for hackers. It can affect you in the following ways:-

*Loss of Privacy

*Financial fraud

*Identity theft

*Misuse of personal information

This can really put you and your family and dear ones at risk. Therefore, it is very essential you put your confidence ob the internet service providers, CCTV camera manufacturing companies, and people who install the same at your home.

So, what is the solution? And how can you secure home CCTV cameras?

Here are some ways you can secure your home CCTV cameras like a professional.

Buying CCTV Cameras: When you plan to buy CCTV cameras and install it at your home, make sure you are buying it from a trusted source. Also, when you buy a new home, the CCTV cameras may be already installed. You should always talk to the authorities and remove any unwanted concerns about the credibility issues with camera manufacturers or installations.

Secure Your Wi-Fi Network: Whether you use broadband in Mumbai or broadband in Chennai, always make sure your Wi-Fi network is secure. Use broadband plans with WPA2-AES or WPA3 encryption (these are encryption that secure Wi-Fi networks). WEP is not a good option and you must avoid it.

Also, change the SSID name of the network. Use a strong password. More often than not, a lackadaisical approach towards setting up a strong password makes you an easy target for hackers. Avoid using a common password like ‘admin’, ‘123456789’, etc. Turn off guest networking as well.

Setting up Wi-Fi cameras: While many people may pay attention to securing the Wi-Fi network, it is important to know your Wi-Fi camera settings and credentials. Wi-Fi monitoring systems come with a default password. After installation, it is dangerous to not change it. This can be misused.

Password Tip Use a complex password. Include symbols, capital & small letters, and numbers to make it a strong and powerful password. Two-factor authentication is another way to secure Wi-Fi cameras. Use SMS or email passcode to access it. This will block hackers from accessing even when they hack into the device.

 Remote Online Monitoring  This is one of the best features which is enjoyed by the user. If you are having kids at home or old parents at home – this is helpful. But, the disadvantage is that you are exposed to hackers more.

Therefore, it is important to switch off or disconnect webcam when not using it. If you are using desktops or laptops, this works well.

Regularly update Firmware: Firmware is a router’s internal software. This gives low-level control for the device’s specific hardware. Regular updates are offered by internet service providers for better performance. Therefore, you should regularly update the firmware whenever they are rolled out.

These are some of the ways you can follow to secure home CCTV cameras.

Find below some pointers on how to know you are hacked. This will help you address the hacking issue in a much better way and be alert as well.

– If you find some unusual noise from the camera, know that something is not working the way it should be.

– When the camera rotates abnormally, it is possible that someone is handling it without your knowledge.

– Odd Camera LED light blinking is another thing you should keep in mind.

– Check if the security settings are changed or there is an increase in the usage of data or traffic.

 Always rely on the trusted internet service provider in Mumbai like You Broadband for best internet plans and highly secure broadband network.