Choose Browsers that Protect Your Privacy We want our data to be secure when we use high speed internet on private browsers to seek information. So, are the private browsers ‘private’ in the true sense of the word? The simple answer is no. There are many benefits you enjoy when you use a private browser. However, you cannot be assured of complete privacy. You wish to have complete safety when you go online. Here we have explained how you can achieve this.

Understand the Limits of Private Browsing Even in the most secure private browsing options, your browsing history and other information is visible to internet service providers and the organization that provides the internet connection. Most of the private browsers mention in their terms and conditions how your information may not be completely private even when surfing the private browsers.

Know How the Private Browsers Work Private browsing helps to keep your internet activity private from others using the same browser or device. You must note that even private browsers have certain limitations. Most of the private browsers do not retain browsing history, cookies or other details. The different browsing modes vary in the amount of information secured or kept private.

Added Level of Security Provided by Private Browsers When you choose the reliable private browsers for your internet surfing needs, you add an extra layer of security to your data. The most popular private browsers offer modes where the security is enhanced. Here is the list:

  • The Incognito Mode is available with Google Chrome
  • Opera allows a private browsing mode
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge come with InPrivate Browsing Mode
  • Mozilla Firefox offers a private browsing mode
  • Safari offers a private window for browsing
  • DuckDuckGo is a search engine that does not share or track your personal information or search details.

While these modes do provide a higher level of security, it still is not 100% full-proof privacy.

Some Benefits of Going Incognito While the incognito mode does not assure 100% privacy protection, there are some benefits associated with this mode that you need to be aware of. Here we have listed out a few merits of the incognito mode:

  • The incognito mode allows you to open multiple email accounts simultaneously without any hassles.
  • Using this mode is extremely helpful to secure your data (such as passwords, search history and browsing history) when you are surfing on another person’s computer.
  • When you need to research on delicate topics that you would not be pleased to disclose to others, it is best to use the incognito mode.
  • When you are making travel bookings and checking out options, the incognito mode helps you get the cheap prices as the price does not increase knowing you are in need of it.
  • Do not let your surprise be ruined when you select gifts for someone; the incognito mode will help to keep your secret a secret.

As you invest on the unlimited home wi-fi plans, also invest a bit on security and privacy. This will ensure that your data does not go into wrong hands and your information is protected. You should also go for internet service provider in Mumbai who are reliable and provide high level of safety. Since internet providers and internet companies have access to your browsing history and data, it makes sense to invest on the right companies to keep your information safe.