Internet, today is like fuel to businesses and food to a layman. Internet adds pace to the ever-growing world connectivity and progress. Speed is one factor to everyone’s mind when you say the word Internet. Internet service providers have always been keen on creating attraction with speeds. But is high-speed internet the only priority when we set out to select an ideal Internet Service Provider?

High-speed internet is a vital aspect but there are many other factors that one must consider before selecting an ideal internet service provider.

Internet connection type has been a factor that determines the performance of your internet plan.

There are two basic types of internet connections, the Standard high speed also called broadband service and High Availability Service. The Standard high-speed connectivity includes options like cables and DSL’s. This kind of connectivity typically offer higher speeds but the factors of quality and reliability remain a concern. Although the standard internet connection proves to be a cheaper option and is very affordable.

The High Availability Services provide a service level agreement for an up-time exceeding 99.99% or approximately 2 hours of downtime per year. The T1s and the recent trend of new ‘fiber optic connections’ can be listed under the high availability connections. If your business depends entirely on the internet and there is no scope to work offline, the internet connection is something that must be given utmost priority. In such cases where internet decides the fate of a business, then in such cases, you must always opt for services providers that could help you with ‘high availability services’.

Another parameter that one should consider while selecting a broadband service provider is the availability and time frame. Make sure the internet service provider has its services available in the vicinity of your business address. In newly developed regions, sometimes it is even difficult to find the standard internet connections through cables and DRL’s. To install an entirely new connection for the area, it would take a time frame of 6 months. So it becomes necessary to have a check on the availability of internet services before moving to a new location.

There are cases where the need to be connected to the internet constantly is very vital. Even one or two minutes of downtime is not affordable and can lead to losses. In such situations, redundancy services are a must. Redundancy is a backup internet service that switches its role when the mainline has one down. It is most common in standard connections but is also important in high availability services where downtime is not possible. You must always be aware of all such facts and also consult a professional for the same.

How much do you pay for your Internet Plan? Is it worth it? These questions are very important to be considered while selecting an Internet Service provider. The High availability service is considerably heavily priced than that of any other type of connection. The price you pay for your Internet service depends on various factors. The cost of the plans may differ from place to place. At some places, a certain internet plan may cost you Rs 4000 per year while at some places the same plan at the same speed will be Rs 8000 per year. To tackle this it is very necessary to appoint a professional for guiding you with the perfect plan from the most accurate service provider.

Speed is important but cannot be the only parameter for selecting a Broadband Service Provider.

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