The question is, whether you should go for a leased line for your business or not? Much has been written about the leased line, and its feasibility has both been debated. Yet, there are still a number of start-up business owners who are yet to explore its advantages, as well as disadvantages. Yet, it is no wonder that in this rat race, no business tend to thrive well without a fast and efficient internet connection. So while you look for broadband plans in Bangalore, you might want to check for a comprehensive idea on a leased line, as well.

Having a Dedicated Net Connection

Perhaps, the best advantage of having a leased line is that it offers a dedicated connection of internet. This means that the internet connection that you are paying for would remain dedicated to your company only. Other local residents or enterprises would not be able to share your connection. This is something that a broadband connection or Fiber-optic services seldom offer. Also, the leased lines have fixed bandwidth. This means that there is going to be no internet trouble even during peak hours. Your internet connection would run smoothly even during the busiest working hours.

About SLA or Service Level Agreements

This is one of the major advantages of having a dedicated internet connection in your office. The agreements like these guarantee the minimum level of service to expect from your service provider. That is not all, in case of any fault on their part, the service providers are also obliged to compensate up to a certain level. They will outline the conditions before completing the SLA. Hence, you can expect complete transparency with this contract. However, now that you know what type of compensation to receive from your company, it is also on your part to let them know of any glitches, as promptly as possible. In case of the other internet service providers, they will offer very limited compensation, if they offer anything of the kind.

Enjoy Higher and Better Upload Speed

This is a clear advantage that hardly needs any explanation. Yet, it is imperative to understand why they come handy for your business. A number of business owner while choosing broadband plans in Mumbai give a lot of emphasis on the speed of the internet. But many of them seldom consider the importance of having a steady upload speed. For example, you might have a 6 Mbps connection. But that is going to be your download speed only. Your upload speed is likely to be around 800 Kbps. And this is one of the basic mistakes that they make while choosing an internet connection for their enterprise. By and large, the domestic broadband connection providers offer stronger download facilities than that of upload speed. With a leased line to your assistance, you are going to enjoy an equal upload and download speed. Higher uploading speed would ensure that your employees would be able to send different data really fast. And this is a significant aspect of your business. Also, with the higher speed of upload, you enjoy a stronger connection overall. So when it comes to sending e-mails, making VoIP calls or access data, a competent leased line is going to be the winner, by all means.

Being Symmetric and Flexible

Having a Symmetric connection means you can upload and download with identical speed. It comes handy to cater to all data-hungry activities, such as working in remote areas, transferring really big files, and so on. Again, being a flexible service, you can execute different forms of communication simultaneously. For example, you can use it for VPN access, make your company’s way through the internet traffic and make calls. The type of broadband allocation would be completely up to you.

Keeping It Private and Secure

No matter the size of your business, there are likely to be a number of confidential and secret information to be stored. This is especially something important when your business is on expansion. Having leased line would enable your company to handle your client information and sensitive issues, like those of financial decisions, as well as company policies in a secure way.

Unlimited Use and Full Support

With leased lines, you need not follow any fair usage policy. That being said, you use as much data as you would require. Also, the most reliable broadband plans in Ahmedabad providers ensure that the customers get just about any help that they would need round the clock. So there is a dedicated 24/7 helpline with most of them.

Disadvantages of Having Leased Lines

There is no denial to the fact that despite the host of advantages that leased line offers, it has its share of downsides, as well. And it might not be the best choice for certain small or startup companies. For all the facilities that it offers, leased lines are noticeably higher than that of normal domestic internet service. A number of factors determine the price that the company will charge you. Also, you are not likely to get a connection simply by applying for it. Your chosen service provider might conduct a site survey before considering a connection.

On Your Business and Your Internet Connection

Leased lines can indeed be expensive. But so can be your normal broadband service when you are customizing and upgrading it to tailor to your needs. So rather than simply considering the budget factor, there are some more considerations for you to make before switching to this new alternative. Leased lines are a practical option for you if your business is urban-centric. The leased lines companies tend to charge more if they need to work for a number of companies offering in remote areas. Moreover, in rural areas, there are not likely to be many customer care franchise. Hence you might not get immediate help if needs arise. Again, it is important to customize your leased lines as per your need. If your chosen service provider fails to make it, then you might want to give a second thought.