The number of internet service providers in India is increasing day by day. The monthly unlimited internet plans are now easily available. The broadband connections are offered at very affordable prices as well. But, it has been noted in recent times that many of them promise something and offer something else. Therefore, there are certain things to keep in mind before choosing your internet service provider.

If you are fed up of your current internet service provider or moved on to a new place, seeking good broadband in Mumbai can be an issue. The below-mentioned pointers will surely help you to make the right decision regarding internet service provider:-


Where you live matters a lot when selecting a broadband connection. If you are looking for broadband in Mumbai or broadband connection in Bangalore, the internet service provider – ISP should be near to your home or business. This will give you the advantage of quick assistance when the internet is down. So, always choose service providers who are located near to your place.


Speed is the most important factor for home or business. More the speed, more the number of customers. Therefore, before choosing an internet service provider, get feedback from your neighbors or businesses near you. See, if the promised speed is indeed provided by the broadband in Mumbai or not.

Reliability, Customer Service & Service Level Agreements

Sometimes, it is often possible that you may not get the best of speeds due to the location and other factors. At such situations, it is necessary that the internet service provider, even though it has unlimited internet plan, must offer good customer support. Make no compromise here. If you are running a business, reliability means everything. Choose internet services providers who are ready to offer Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

It is often possible that various hardware or internet lines may get damaged due to heavy rains. This is where a top-level service with defined service standards will help. This must be provided by internet service providers as and when required.

Network Security Solutions

You may be looking for a broadband connection in Bangalore, Mumbai or anywhere in India, but security issues over the internet are one of the biggest threats everywhere. The hackers, malware and viruses are always a click away. This can easily destroy your data or use it in malicious ways. Therefore, it is a point which must be taken into consideration before finalizing the best internet service provider.

Customized Internet Plans

It is often seen that when you choose an internet plan, you are unable to utilize the whole month of data allocated to you. The internet service providers must offer to roll over the unused data to next month. Also, enterprises sometimes need larger bandwidth on certain occasions to transfer large files of big size. The customized bandwidth plans can be helpful.

Therefore, choose broadband in Mumbai which provides such flexibility with their internet plans.



The internet package should include add-ons. Other than speed, good internet service providers also offer special features like network security solutions, anti-virus programs, new internet offers and much more. Look for these add-ons while selecting the internet service provider.

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