The internet has become a prime necessity in people’s life. You need it everyday to communicate with your family, friends and work colleagues. Your wife may require the internet to shop online and your kids will love high speed internet for entertainment and high definition gaming experience.

All in all, it is now difficult to imagine our daily lives without the power of the internet.

Important things are decided when you make the right choices and therefore the question – “Which is the best internet connection for your home?”, matters a lot. Before you decide the best internet plans and internet connection for your home, know that information is knowledge. It would help if you can go through the below mentioned questions and the answers that we have provided before deciding.

What is a broadband Internet connection? Broadly speaking, broadband is a type of internet connection which was developed to provide high-speed internet. First, there was a dial-up connection which provided very slow speed. The broadband connection is way better than dial-up because of the use of several high-speed transmission technologies.

The main technologies popular in India are:-



Fibre Optic Cable


Each of these technologies has its own features. Let’s look at them briefly:-

DSL – Digital Subscribe Line ably transmits data faster through the copper telephone lines to homes. The speed may vary from kbps to mbps depending upon the distance between your location and the telephone exchange office.

Modem – This is similar to the TV cable lines. It is directly attached to your PC and internet connection is made available to you. Speeds again differ based on the type  of cable, cable network and the load it can handle.

Are dongles really better than Broadband?

Fibre Optic Cable – It was an improvement on the co-axial cables. The data is transmitted in the form of light and transmits through glass fibres. This is much more powerful than DSL or Modem cable. Voice and video processes are easily utilized in this type of Broadband connection.

Wireless Broadband – These are internet connections which work on radio links. The highlight is that it is mobile and everyone can use it at different locations. Though it covers a wide area inside your home, it can not be extended to an outside large area. Wireless Local Area Network is the latest internet connection which is popular and used widely at homes. You can connect your smartphone to the same as well.

Wi-Fi : High Speed Wireless Internet

Which one should I opt for – Wired broadband or Wireless broadband?  Wired broadband requires cables to connect. They are generally more reliable and secure. The only drawback with wired broadband is lack of mobility. Yet, it can be expanded by adding hubs & switches. But, such management is required only at the office with a large number of employees.

On the other hand, wireless uses electromagnetic radiation technology. Maximum bandwidth is 600 mbps. When compared with wired broadband, mobility of wireless network is far better and one of the key highlights that make it popular among the internet users.

Therefore, if you are looking for an internet connection at your home, wireless broadband is a better option.

What are the differences between broadband and Wi-Fi?  Broadband is an always-on high-speed internet connection which is known for using cables to transmit data and need connecting directly to your devices.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi is a technology which allows users to access the internet without using cables and wires. It is basically a wireless technology that use radio waves to provide internet connectivity. This is the reason you can easily connect your mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles to internet without the need for cables. And of course, mobility features makes it stand out from the rest. There are four types of Wi-Fi technologies are 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n.

While broadband can be both wired and wireless, Wi-Fi is generally referred to the wireless broadband connection at your home.

Now that you know which type of internet connection will be the best for your home, let’s see how can you get the best broadband connection and which are the best internet service providers.

How to get a broadband connection?  There are several internet service providers who offer broadband connection. All you have to do is to contact them and they usually set up in one day. YOU Broadband is one of the well known broadband connection providers in Mumbai and all over India.

You can buy a router or modem or let the provider present it to you. The electrical cable will be drawn out and the same has to be fixed to the modem or router.

What is the best internet connection type to choose in India?  Depending upon your requirement, you can choose the internet connection types. Check for the internet speed, data usage in your internet package and select the plan. Make sure you take a look at the price as well and see if the package is worth it or not.

What are the best broadband Internet providers in India? YOU Broadband is one the leaders among the internet service providers using state of the art technologies and delivery platforms to give best internet plans and high speed. With presence in over 18 cities all over India, it is one of the best broadband service provider in India.