Internet has become a part of everyone’s daily routine. In today’s modern age, any individual needs to have a High-Speed Internet connection at their home and office. May it be spending time on social media or a work based research, the internet is a resource which has become the fuel.

When it comes to Wi-Fi, it is now a household name. But do people know that what exactly is Wi-Fi? How it has such a major impact on our lives?

Many people use the word Wi-Fi a lot and still don’t know that it is just an abbreviated term. Wi-Fi when it comes to the most common theory is defined as Wireless FidelityAs the name itself suggests, it is the internet that reaches your devices wireless and has been the most convenient form of connectivity.

Wi-Fi is a wireless local area network based on the 802.11 IEEE network standard. It is the trademark of the international alliance of companies Wi-Fi Alliance involved with wireless technology.

This Wireless Technology has been rapidly being accepted worldwide. It has been one of the most vital technological advancements of our age. It gives us humans a privilege to enjoy global connectivity at the tip of our fingers. Wi-Fi mostly is used to access the internet on portable devices like smartphones,tablets and laptops but it can also be connected to a router or any other source which would then provide Internet access. Wi-Fi then becomes a wireless connection to that device and not the internet itself. Through this, it is possible to print pictures wirelessly or look at a video feed from Wi-Fi connected cameras without any cable support.

Wi-Fi is a technology that uses radio waves to transfer information at different frequencies. A standard Wi-Fi has a range of up to 100 meters in open air. But obstructions like buildings and other structures cut down the range to 15-30 meters.

In such cases, the strength of the antenna and the broadcast frequency also have an impact on the range of the network.

This mode of connectivity may be free or even paid. At some places, you may have to pay a certain amount as fees to access the wireless connectivity but at casual places like restaurants and hotels, a free Wi-Fi connection can be expected.

Wi-Fi Router! When the term ‘Wi-Fi’ is mentioned, the router is something that plays a very important role. The router first gets the data through cables or a phone which is connected to it and then converts the data received into radio signals and transmits them in its range.

This may sound like a long science experiment procedure but it takes place at a very fast pace i.e. in seconds. You could now upload a picture or update your status on Facebook in moments.

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