Whether it is our homes, offices, restaurants and even outdoor parks – we depend on the internet for all kinds of information. So a solid and reliable internet connection is definitely shifted from being just a luxury want to a basic necessity, especially for businesses and work-spaces that rely heavily on the internet for their work. When it comes to internet connections, there is often a debate over which is the better option – broadband or leased line internet connection. In the current digital age where we cannot afford to have slow internet speed or connection delays, the preferred connection has become the leased line internet connection and here are 5 reasons why you should choose it over a broadband connection.

  1. Limited need for customer service interactions

When it comes to broadband leased line provider, they are more prone to getting affected with slow internet speed and limited connectivity reach, and to solve these issues one might have to constantly get in touch with customer service providers, which is not only money but also time-consuming. With a leased line internet connection you will not have to face these problems as the speed and connectivity range do not get affected by external factors as much, and you will need to have lesser interaction with customer service providers.

  1. Cost-effective

Unlike broadband connections, leased line connections come with unlimited internet speed, which in the current age and time, is the need of the hour, as people consume the internet for music, videos, movies, education, work and more. Therefore, one needs an internet plan that provides an unlimited secure connection at a reasonable cost, without having to top up in the middle of the month because the data allowance ran out. With a leased line connection, you save yourself the hassle of recharging for more data and saving your money in the process, which is exactly what a customer wants from their internet leased line providers.

  1. Super Fast Uploads

Most businesses have operations going on abroad, and in other parts of the world, and might need to transfer heavy files and software among each other, and all these need to be completed within a specific time deadline. For this reason, an internet connection with fast uploads is the best option, as a lag in the internet or slow upload speed becomes an unnecessary risk or the business, and might affect profits and business relations. With a leased line connection, you’re guaranteed faster upload speeds, that ensure all your deadlines are met.

  1. Top security

Both in-home systems and offices, we use our computers to store a lot of confidential and sensitive information that can’t be lost or stolen. Unlike broadband connections, leased line connections have a higher security system that is less prone to be hacked by hackers. So you can now feel safe knowing that your information is properly secured with almost no risk of hacking.

  1. Wider choice of bandwidth

With broadband connections, your choice of bandwidth is quite limited, unlike a leased line connection which has a more varied selection (64 Kbps, 128 Kbps, 2 Mbps, 155 Mbps, etc going to 8mbps) which is better for your home or office, as you’ll be able to select a package that works best according to your needs. Therefore, it’s recommended to choose a leased line connection to ensure that you are given the best of the internet bandwidth options that are available in the market right now.

We hope that with the above reasons you are convinced that a leased line connection is definitely the need of the hour right now, and to install one in your home or office, call up your local internet leased line providers today and dive into the world of fast, uninterrupted internet.