The internet consists of interconnected networks with a large amount of communication and information passing on between the computer and the internet. With such a huge packet of data coming in and going out of the computer, it is necessary to have a defense mechanism for your computer or network. This is where Firewalls are of great help.

You may be enjoying the high-speed internet with best internet plans, still, you need the action of a Firewall to protect your computer from unwanted and malicious attacks.

You must have heard about the Firewall or seen one on the computer. Do you really know what does it do? or how does it work behind the scene to keep your computer safe and secure? Find everything you need to know about Firewall below:-

What is Firewall? In short – Firewall is the first line of defense against any attempts of hacking your computer.

Broadly speaking, Firewall is basically a software program that prevents unauthorized access to or from a private network. It is a predetermined set of instructions and it can be changed as per the user’s interest which decides access controls as well.

Types of Firewall

Host Firewall The Host Firewall is part of the Operating system which provides an added layer of protection to your network. It is a software-based application that controls every incoming packet of data and prevents all kinds of threat.

Network Firewall Every time traffic comes, based on the instructions provided, the Firewall will filter it and secure your network from wrong access. When you choose a broadband plan in Mumbai, a large number of networks and users are connected to the same network. Therefore, a Firewall is a necessary tool to enhance the security of computers connected to network, LAN, and internet.

The high-speed internet with unlimited broadband plans is everyone’s dream. At home, you can play games without interruptions, stay connected always with social media platforms, and conduct transactions very easily. But there is a caveat as far as security is concerned.

It is important to note that you are at greater risk when you have high speed internet plans. Let’s see why it is so:-

  • High-speed internet at home or business is provided by allocating a single IP address. This dedicated internet service is what gives you great speed. But, this makes it easy for the hackers and malicious programmers to find you on the internet and target.
  • Since you have high-speed access, everything that happens in the system is fast as well. Suppose, some hacker gained access to your computer, it would be easy for them to steal your information and place potentially dangerous programs on your computer faster.
  • High-speed internet connections are generally always On. This makes your computer much more vulnerable.

Firewall, in all the above-mentioned situations, can help to separate the internet from the computer. While complex functioning of Firewall is difficult to understand, know that it is very easy to install, set-up, and run it on computers.

Listed below are the benefits of using Firewall on computer for individuals as well as businesses:-

Firewall for Business

-Large businesses can configure Firewall as per their needs and policies

-It can prevent employees from accessing restricted websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

-It also helps to maintain the confidentiality of certain information without allowing the sensitive data to be     shared via email. This is achieved by installing a Firewall for File transfer protocol.

-Communication with outside computer or network can cause damage. The firewall prevents such attacks.

-In big organizations, dedicated specialists look after Firewall. They are aimed to secure financial information by   preventing any modification to it.

Firewall for Home

-Viruses, Spyware, and Trojan horse programs are prevented using the Firewall at home internet connections.

-Protects your computer from malicious programs or software being installed on your computer.

-It protects all kind of traffic which are in restricted mode with the help of Firewall.

Future of Firewall  The technology of Firewall is growing rapidly and the next generation of Firewall will soon rule your computers. It provides tighter security and packet filtering. It also goes deep into the network layers and is dynamic in nature.

While you choose the best internet plans with YOU Broadband, makes sure to use Firewall to protect your computer.

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